Quivering and important topics at the Bereginya Women’s Club

Yesterday very important themes were raised at Women’s Club «BEREGYNIA» — in the warm and cozy hall of the Memorial Museum named after Mykhaila Hrushevskoho.

Experts and Consultants of the meeting were Iuliia Davydova – a Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chairman of public organization «Special Woman”; Alisa Lymanska, a Cardiologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Leading Researcher at PAG; Viktoriia Baranova, a Psychologist.

The topic of women’s health, treatment of complex problems, prevention of diseases, modern possibilities of support of reproductive health, debunking of myths and provision of practical advice were very essential for each participant and these participants (leaders of NGOs) are women and girls who need help.

An extremely troubling problem concerning a psychological barrier of professional examinations for teenage girls has been voiced. It is such a painful topic that needs to be addressed because stress and fear that teenagers face at this age can bring many problems in the future.

The need for vaccinations for girls has been voiced that will be able to almost reduce the risk of cancer in the future. In many developed countries, these results are more than optimistic, and among our participants, most of whom are mothers, no one has heard of this.

It is difficult to convey the importance and need for such a meeting, communication, understanding and support that we have felt from our Experts.

We believe and hope that our meetings will continue and women and girls with disabilities, mothers of children with health problems, women who have experienced hard times of 2014 living in Kiev, will receive additional opportunities, knowledge, information that will help them to preserve their health.

We are so thankful to IULIIA DAVYDOVA, OLENA COLOMYIETS, ALISA LYMANSKA, ARTEM OHORODNIK, LUDMILA BUTENKO, VIKTORIA BARANOVA for unconditional support, help, professionalism, modern approaches and opinions on women’s health and disability that are extremely rare today.

We are very thankful to Iana Cherniavskaia, a Director of Fashion, Furniture and Interior Exhibitions of the company “Kiev International Contract Fair” for her support and participation in the meeting!

We are thankful Svetlana Moliar, Valentina Uvarova, Nina Lokot for their help and organization of the meeting.

The meeting took place within the framework of the work of WOMEN’S CLUB that is supported by the International Women’s Club of Kyiv and implemented by LRPYO “AYD-EAST”.

Advisory and methodological assistance is provided by Public Organization «SPECIAL WOMAN».

Assistance in the organization and support of women with disabilities who are IDPs and information assistance are provided by the Department of Youth and Sports of LRSA.

Information support is provided by the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine.

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