IWCK Charity Bazaar

The twenty-seventh annual IWCK Charity Bazaar was held at the NSC Olimpiysky on November 30, 2019.

Representatives of Women’s Club “Beregynia” (families from Luhansk and Donetsk regions who are IDPs and bring up children with disabilities or children of health risk groups or children who survived traumas in 2014-2015) whose activities are supported by the Kiev International Women’s Club participated in it.

The goal of IWCK Charity Bazaar is to raise funds and provide assistance to hospitals, care home for elderly people, orphanages, schools and associations for protection of children and women in Ukraine.

“IWCK Charity Bazaar” is an event during which 49 foreign embassies and their representatives organize an exhibition and sale of various national products. During the IWCK Charity Bazaar, participants has received a great opportunity to make an unforgettable trip, get acquainted with cultures of other countries and taste cuisines of the whole world. Countries proudly demonstrated their crafts, souvenirs, national cuisine, drinks, music and folklore. During the IWCK Charity Bazaar, you could try Indonesian food, drink Czech beer and pass your Christmas wish to Santa Claus at the same time and in one place.

“This day was extraordinary! I think I got into the world of colors, flowers and joy! It was so beautiful, very friendly, and positive! I’m dreaming to plunge into this atmosphere of true GOOD again!” — says Maryna who is a mother of three children and an IDP from Luhansk region.

“I watched a concert in which children from different countries took part! They were so sincere and funny! It seems to me that these boys and girls really wanted to share their love for their country and culture with us. Everyone went to exhibitions, but I could not tear myself away from this concert. I really, really liked it! ”, says Dariia, 15 years old, an IDP from Lugansk region.

The whole day was full of cultural programs, a variety of national costumes, flags, master classes and a positive mood surprised and delighted everyone.

Organizer: the International Women’s Club of Kiev (IWCK).

Assistance and transport support of participants of Women’s Club “Beregynia” and their families were provided by LRPYO «AYD-East» with the support of Youth and Sports Department of Luhansk Regional State Administration.