Huge help for women of vulnerable categories from the International Women’s Club

We are grateful to the International Women’s Club of Kyiv for the enormous help to women of vulnerable categories in the form of clothes, toys, and books!

“It’s not easy to buy clothes at this difficult time. Frankly speaking, I don’t remember when I have bought something for myself … All money is spent to pay for housing because we have a family of displaced persons, medicine for the child, and rehabilitation. We do not have enough money for anything else! Therefore, the clothes that I have received from the International Women’s Club of Kyiv are so necessary for me! They are so nice and of high quality! I am so thankful to all those who are not indifferent! ”, Oksana, 34 years old, IDP, a mother of a child with a disability.

“I was left alone with my two-year-old daughter…. The closest person who was with us is a grandfather who died, and now we do not have protection. Problems with housing, relatives who offend us very much, material problems fell on me. I cannot express how grateful I am to the International Women’s Club of Kyiv for the clothes! Everything has fitted me very well! Now I have fully clothed due to your assistance. And I have received many toys for my baby! Scooter, children’s books, building blocks, games. We are so happy that someone takes care of us! «, Anna, 22 years old.

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