Communication gives wonderful opportunities!

Women’s Club «Beregynia» has so many ideas and tasks that we need twice more time for their realization!
Problems of children and teenagers, employment, self-development, creativity, meetings with interesting people … and problems of women with disabilities, mothers who have children with health problems, housing problems — all this makes the status of IDPs more difficult by a hundred times.

But … the main thing .. is to give yourself an opportunity, at least for a few hours, to break out of everyday life, from the usual circle that sometimes makes it impossible to even understand what time of year has come … Our task is to help a woman to improve her health, psychological state, support her family and again recall how talented, beautiful, and valuable she is.

Thank you very much, my dear friends, for your initiative and willpower))! The Project is supported by the International Women’s Club in Kiev and implemented by LRPYO «AYD-East» . With the support of: Youth and Sports Department of Lugansk Regional State Administration and All-Ukrainian Public Organization «Special Woman» (Iuliia Davydova)

Information and methodological assistance is provided by the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine and Children’s library named after Nataliia Zabila.

Incredible gifts for children have been provided by the Ukrainian Union of Samaritans of Kyiv Association (Ianina Levkovska, Maryna Tolokova) .

Photo: Valentyna Uvarova.

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