The official opening of Women’s Club “BEREGYNIA” took place on September 13, 2019

The official opening of Women’s Club “BEREGYNIA” took place on September 13, 2019. This Club brings together women and girls of different categories and their families, people who are ready to support ideas of GENDER equality, the belief that we all have the right to understanding, protection and self-realization!

The Club also brings together participants who are IDPs, people who need support and solution of common problems, want to achieve results and receive mutual assistance.

The inspirers of the Club have become women who, in the most difficult time, helped thousands of affected families with volunteer work and warmth of their hearts, despite their own pain from losses and troubles during 2014-2015 — women from the Eastern part of Ukraine who could survive in the crisis situation — Iana Ianovska, Maryna Tolokova, Valentyna Uvarova, Nina Lokot, Svitlana Polukhina, Oleh and Iuliia Trachuk, etc.

Iuliia Kucher, Katia Riazantseva, Hanna Prykhodko who are mothers of children with disabilities and women with disabilities who have great potential but do not have enough opportunities to communicate because of the lack of access to transport, difficulties with accompanying, and other problems that do not depend on an actual or permanent place of residence … Such girls as Vlada Afanasieva, Olia and Vika Kucher, Viktoria and Veronika Trachuk and their peers really need communication, trainings, mentoring and help.

And, of course, our boys, among whom there are already many teenagers, and their mothers. Oh, how it is difficult to solve accompanying problems, taking into consideration all the difficulties of life.

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It so happened that each participant went through the pain of trials that lasts until now.

“There are not so many threads that hold, and I have to find something that will allow me to resist these trials, not to give up, support my family, treat children, not to lose myself, and believe in the best! Women’s Club is a breath of air for me … «- says Ira, a participant of the meeting.

It is extremely important for us that the Project is supported by Specialists and Professionals who professionally provide assistance to women.

Elena Jidobin, Sona Zemanova, Cierra Fisher, vozmojno Lydia Matiaszek –representatives of the International Women’s Club “BEREGYNIA” of Kiev.

Iuliia Davydova, a Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Head of the All-Ukrainian Public Institution “SPECIAL WOMAN”, together with her team of Specialists help thousands of women in Ukraine to preserve their health.

Vitalina Klaptsuniak, an Expert in the field of legal support of NGOs (we have repeatedly received qualified and quick assistance in resolving issues related to the operation of the organization); Specialists of the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine. Liudmyla Fursova is a Human Rights Expert.

Creation of Women’s Club has started in the capital, but in November 2019, we will open the same Club in Lugansk region.

Programs of Women’s Club “BEREGYNIA” are supported by the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S CLUB OF KYIV and All-Ukrainian Public Institution “SPECIAL WOMAN” in Kyiv.

Logistics and assistance for women and girls with disabilities from the Eastern part of Ukraine, and their families are provided by Public Institution “Luhansk Regional Center for Socio-Cultural Adaptation of Youth with Disabilities” and Department of Youth and Sports of Luhansk Regional State Administration.

Informational assistance is provided by the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine.

The Ideologist and Implementer of the Project is LRPYO “AYD-East”.

Objectives of Women’s Club “BEREGYNIA” are supported by Memorial Museum named after Mykhaila Hrushevskoho and Central Library of Holosiivskyi District of Kyiv named after M.A. Nekrasova.

We are so thankful to everyone who have been with us and shared his warmth and time! Valentyna Uvarova is our Photographer and Encourager.

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