Analytics, Office of the Government Commissioner for Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Novo — Biletsky psychoneurological boarding school.
Residents 390 people, men.

The visit took place at the request of the guardians.


Large dining room, clean and bright.

I communicated personally with many wards, they did not complain about food.

Bathrooms, showers.

Bathrooms have toilets, doors.

There is access for people in wheelchairs, good repair works done, equipped and clean.

It is important that the institution has ramps on the thresholds, stairs, elevators with a lifter.
I was able to drive almost everywhere in a wheelchair.

This is important, given the specifics of the people who live there, their impaired coordination, vulnerable, traumatized psyche.


The rooms are bright, beds are new, there is no specific smell anywhere.
Bright, light curtains.
Bedside table, wardrobe, washbasin are in the room.

Everything is clean, tidy.

Some of the men are too tall, their beds are not suitable in length.
Given that many people have lived here for more than 10 years, I have not seen personal belongings, books, pencils, anything that speaks of human interests in any room.

33% of wards have mental retardation. There is no games, chalks for drawing, toys, which is extremely important for the development of motor skills and thinking.

People with this disease develop all their lives, their training and rehabilitation is continuous, necessary, but …. there is a lack of staff, no time to clean up extra things.

Among the common activities — the library, you can play chess, checkers, there is an art therapy room, where the guys paint printed pictures.

General TV viewing.

During the visit, I would note three types of boarding school residents.

Those with fairly mild (in comparison) diseases, moderate and severe.

They all live on different floors, according to severity of their condition.

People, who have acquired mental illnesses, are in dire need of communication, professional adaptation, they say that they miss their relatives, remember their passion for sports, their past, healthy life, and hold on to memories of it.

People with varying degrees of mental retardation are different from one another.

They are like children who constantly need development, attention, help, and physical, and correctional, speech therapy, defectological, psychological, social and household help. Constantly.
Unfortunately, the institution cannot provide this.

All residents need psychological help.

The reason of them being here is not only a disease, but also family circumstances, refusals and betrayals, orphanhood, lack of public and state support, including lack of encouragement to care for relatives with such diseases of families.

The most difficult department — where people are bedridden.
A very important fact is purity and the absence of a specific odor.

Their psychological state is serious.
Among those are the people after strokes, vision loss and stroke, people with a healthy past, in the present, are transferred by relatives to public institutions, someone is taken out of the house by deception.
For these people who have lost their health, their homes, their family ties, everything that has happened in their lives is extremely difficult.

These people are constantly in the room, eating here.
There is a toilet chair nearby, for those who need.

Next to each bed there is a special table on wheels.

The facility has a small physiotherapy room, a small gym with several simulators, no windows, there is a massage room.
The institution has a dentist.

There are all the necessary medical offices.

The surrounding area has many flowers, they are taken care by wards and employees of the institution.

The territory has a garden, a greenhouse, several horizontal bars, equipped with benches, several gazebos.

There is no sports ground, nothing for sports games, exercises.

The guys, with whom the representatives of the office talked repeatedly, mentioned football, the desire to play. It is said that once there was a tennis table, now it does not exist.

During the communication with the management the problem of lack of personnel for involvement of wards in physical culture, sports leisure and motivation is defined.

Motivation ….. Even this word is identical to providing fresh air, only in the sense of opportunities, movement, interest, to creating conditions for leisure that will bring healthy emotions and joy.

Festive programs are held in the institution with the help of the parents’ committee, before quarantine volunteers were coming, they taught computer literacy, which is important.

But it was from time to time.


The institution is still closed for visits.
Wednesday only.
No on weekends. Taking to consideration that everyone works this is a big problem.

Why only Wednesday?

Mykhailo led me to the fence where he is always waiting for mother. He showed how he presses his palm against the lattice to «hug» his mother if she did not come on Wednesday, but on another day.

Parents are not allowed to go to the room where the child is.

In the opinion of the guardians, some of the information withheld.

Another problem …. Parents are not allowed in the bathroom ….

What to do? Parents are also vulnerable people, the elderly, have their limitations and problems. To get to the institution, to be with the child, to go home, it all lasts all day. How to deal with physiological needs?

Thanks to the staff for the meeting.

Thanks to parents for the invitation.

…… work continues.

Currently, based on the results of visits to institutions, we are planning a meeting with representatives of civil society organizations, the Coalition for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities due to Intellectual Disabilities, doctors working directly in boarding schools, representatives of the Ministry of Health and SMEs.

Protecting the rights of people with mental illness must have a practical effect.

Together with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine

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